wing ftp server corporate 7.4.4

Review of Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4


Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4 is a powerful and feature-rich file transfer protocol (FTP) server software designed for businesses. It offers a wide range of advanced features and security options that make it a popular choice among organizations looking for a reliable and efficient FTP server solution.


Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4 boasts an impressive set of features that make it stand out from other FTP server software in the market. Some of these notable features include:
  • User Management: The software allows administrators to easily manage users, groups, and their permissions. It supports virtual directories, which enables users to access specific folders without any restrictions.
  • Web-based Administration: Wing FTP Server Corporate provides a web-based interface for easy administration. This allows administrators to configure and monitor the server from anywhere using a web browser, eliminating the need for installing additional software.
  • Secure File Transfer: The software supports various secure file transfer protocols, including SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS. This ensures that data transfers are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.
  • Event Management: Administrators can set up automated events and triggers, such as sending an email notification when a file is uploaded or downloaded. This helps in monitoring file activities and maintaining data integrity.
  • Database Integration: Wing FTP Server Corporate supports integration with popular databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. This allows for user authentication and logging, making user management more efficient.


Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4 offers excellent performance and stability. It is designed to handle high-volume file transfers with ease, ensuring fast and reliable file transfer services for businesses of all sizes. The software efficiently utilizes system resources and provides advanced configurations, such as bandwidth control and connection limit, to optimize network performance.


Security is a top concern for any FTP server, and Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4 addresses this concern effectively. With support for SSL/TLS protocols, administrators can ensure secure data transmission over the network. Additionally, the software offers strong authentication mechanisms, IP access control, and event notifications, which all contribute to a secure file transfer environment.

User-Friendly Interface

Wing FTP Server Corporate features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for administrators to navigate and perform various tasks. The web-based administration offers a well-organized layout, providing quick access to configuration settings and monitoring tools. Novice users will find its intuitive design helpful in managing the server, while advanced users can take advantage of the extensive customization options available.


Wing FTP Server Corporate 7.4.4 is a robust and reliable FTP server software that offers a comprehensive set of features, excellent performance, and strong security measures. Its user-friendly interface and web-based administration make it accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Wing FTP Server Corporate is a worthy choice for managing your file transfer needs.